Session 1: Introduction

Hello professor and peers,

To begin with my name is Jacqueline Felix, I recently received my bachelor’s degree from the University of California Irvine, majoring in mathematics. I decided to continue my studies here at Cal State San Bernardino with the hopes of receiving a Master’s degree, as well as my teaching credentials. I  have never taken an online course in my learning career, so I’m excited for this new opportunity to expand my knowledge through an online class. I believe that communication is key in online courses due to the lack of designated class time, meaning that one has to really focus and communicate with the professor and peers to succeed. What I expect to learn after this course is pretty simple, by the end of this course I want to design and develop effective learning programs to help others learn the material they are working on. Well this is going to be a first for me, but I feel confident that I will succeed in this class and wish my professor and peers a wonderful quarter and good luck.

Jacqueline Felix


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