ETEC 501 (Week 1) – ICE Breaker Discussion

To begin with my name is Jacqueline Felix, I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of California Irvine, majoring in mathematics. I decided to continue my studies here at Cal State San Bernardino as a full-time student with the hopes of receiving a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology, as well as my teaching credentials. After accomplishing my college goals, I would like to pursue a career in teaching mathematics at a secondary school level. What I expect to learn after this program is pretty simple, by the end of this program I want to design and develop effective learning programs to help others learn the material they are working on. In addition, I hope to learn e-Learning concepts and skills that will build and strengthen my knowledge on instructional technology that will be beneficial for me as a teacher.

I have been a distance learning student for the majority of the courses needed to complete my Master’s degree in Instructional Technology. Overall, my experience has been very positive, the instructors made the courses engaging and interactive both synchronously and asynchronously. In addition, the instructors were always available when help was needed and interacting with other students was also great due to the amount of feedback received. The courses were organized and the amount of time and work needed to complete assignments was just right. I can’t say I have ever regretted being a distance learning student and I am sure that for many of you this will be a pleasant experience as well.


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